Our beauties have the extreme type: excellent profile, extraordinary good ears, and super large lynx-tips. At the same time, every kitty is original and possesses her individual features both in appearance, and in character.

Grand International Champion Relaxing Tigers O’Hara

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O’Hara came from the “Relaxing Tigers” cattery (breeder Gesche Rabeler). Birth – 30.01.2013. Colour – MCO n 22 (black classic tabby). At the age 10 months Relaxing Tigers O’Hara won the “BEST OF BEST” title at the International Cat Show in St. Petersburg. We are very proud and happy about this beauty!

O’Hara at the age 10 months

O’Hara at the age 6 months

O’Hara at the age 10 weeks (photo by Gesche Rabeler)

O’Hara at the age 8 weeks (
photo by Gesche Rabeler)

Champion Isedora de Broceliande

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Swiss Isedora came from the  “Broceliande Maine Coon” cattery (breeder Daniela Pellaud). Birth – 30.01.2013. Colour – MCO as (blue smoke).

Wonderful girl with small cunning, very responsible and decent mummy. If Isedora plays pranks, she does it so lovely that it is simply impossible to become angry about it.

Isedora at the age 10 months

Isedora at the age 10 weeks (photo by Daniela Pellaud)

Isedora at the age 7 weeks (photo by Daniela Pellaud)

Isedora at the age 6 weeks (photo by Daniela Pellaud)

Champion Filomena

Filomena – black mackerel tabby silver female with a super profile and wild view.

Champion Glaphira Forest Brothers

Blue colour, gives silver to her kittens.
Отец – GICH Pillowtalk’s Joker.
Мать – CH Isedora de Broceliande.

Champion BarabbasCoon  Destiny

Italian Destiny came from the “BarabbasCoon” cattery. Birth – 20.02.2013. Color – fs (black-tortie smoke).

Destiny at the age 9 months

Destiny at the age 6 weeks (photo by Irina Petrovskaya)

World Champion Cristoma’s Matissa

The beauty Matissa has come from «Christoma Maine Coon Cattery», the well-known Vienna cattery with splendid breeding traditions. She is a very young and elegant kitty, her color is black-tortie solid (MCO f). Matisse is lovely, tactful and aristocratic. In spite of her youth, Matissa is very prudent: playing, she doesn’t jump in vain, but acts only when she is certain. She has a gentle voice, but says not often and not “miao”, but “mbrr-mbrr”. Matissa likes to climb up “on tops” and to check whether everything lies on its places. Throwing down another object, she is watching the flight trajectory. The nice and extravagant color and elite make-up add some mysteriousness to Matissa.



Champion Christoma’s Matissa at the age 10 months.


Matissa at the age of 7 months.

Matissa is friendly with Vendetta, who has accepted the small Austrian princess as a native daughter. Matissa addresses her older senior friend with all problems and questions. Vendy, in turn, likes to run, play and jump together with Matissa and Paloma. Matissa has got the very-best from both of her parents: Christoma’s Kiano and Faricoon’s Fabienne. Her Father, Christoma’s Kiano, looks like a wild wood animal – puma or unusual black lynx. He has sharply outlined cheekbones, very wide nose and chin, the magnificent black fur coat and super lynx tips. Kiano is a powerful and huge Maine Coon, weighs 9,5 kg. His weight is a little less than that of Oliver, but it is too a very good weight for a young Maine Coon. Matissa’s mother, Faricoon’s Fabienne, is an aristocrat with a very long and beautiful XXL tail and a long strong body on high feet. She also has a wide nose and a good long profile. Matissa has a gorgeous pedigree with a lot of World Winners, but she promises even to surpass her ancestors..o)) kianofabienne5Parents of Matissa

Champion Hanna Forest Brothers

Hanna –very strong black girl. Birth 01.07.2014.
Father – WCH Oliver Amazing Soul.
Mother – WCH Christoma’s Matissa.

International Champion Kassandria Forest Brothers

Kassandria  is a very beautiful black torti girl, she is a super mother. Birth  20.06.2015 и окрас.

Father – WCH Oliver Amazing Soul.
Mother – WCH Christoma’s Matissa.

Grand International Champion SIMONA Forest Brothers

Red (MCO d ).
10 months -has a “CHAMPION” title
11 months -has a “INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION” title + 2 CAGCIB
BIS nominations, “SEST OPPOSITE SEX” – twice.

Champion Henrietta Forest Brothers

Henrietta was born in our cattery ( 8.11.2018). Colour – blue cream tortie smoke (MCO gs).
Father – GICH Leon Forest Brothers (MCO as).
Mother – GICH Simona Forest Brothers (MCO d).
Henrietta is a very nice girl with an interesting colour and XXL tail.

Champion Cristoma’s Paloma

Our particularl hopes are connected with the little Paloma-kitty. This beauty has also arrived to us from Austria. Paloma is a Matissa’s stepsister Matissy, and she is one month younger. The color of Palomy is black (black solid, MCO n). Even now, it is visible, how wonderful she is: a large proud head with well outlined high cheekbones, a powerful square chin, a wide nose and marvelous huge brushes on her ears..o))


Our Paloma also has a rich pedigree and super-parents. The father, the same handsome Maine Coon Christoma’s Kiano, and the mum -a magnificent well-known blue beauty Super Star’s Blue-Belle!!! ..o))

So,it is clear, why Paloma has such unusual large lynx-tips on her ears! Paloma is a wild-looking girl… with angelic character. She is very kind, lovely and tender girl. She likes to sing and lie in a lap. Paloma purrs like a tractor, she never scratches and is always ready for a game. Paloma is a very brave and courageous Maine Coon. She jumps highly and without preliminary preparation, showing outstanding tricks.


Parents of Paloma

International Champion Vendetta Domino

The black Vendetta has moved to us from the well- known Saint Petersburg “Domino” Cattery. Charming Vendetta is two years old, and she has the “International Champion” title. She is an absolutely black Maine Coon female (black, MCO n). In summer she burns out a little on the sun, but she becomes again brunette by winter. Vendetta is a very large cat. She doesn’t concede Oliver in growth and length, but she is light in weight (ordinary for females): Vendetta weighs about 7,5 kg . picture-094_6003 Sweet couple Vendetta likes singing and moves like a super-model. She usually goes, as on a podium, accurately rearranging her paws. picture-092_6002 Top-model Nobody can stay calm because of her extraterrestrial beauty. Even our large metis-dog Buran loves Vendetta, and Oliver regularly explains to him, who is the owner of the house…


Extraterrestrial beauty

Vendy purrs loudly and spreads around the sensation of rest and good fortune. Oliver simply adores his lovely Vendetta. She is very inquisitive and playful. It was Vendetta, who taught Matissa to dump down everything that badly lies. She plays football with pleasure and is always ready to jump together with younger girls. Vendetta is our mummy. On October, 21st 2009 she gave birth to four charming babies (see the “Litter A” tab) .