Our beauties have a great profile, a wonderful ear set, wonderful lynx tassels on the ears. At the same time, each girl is original, with her own individual features in both appearance and character.

Champion Isedora de Broceliande

Swiss Isedora came to us from the “Broceliande Maine Coon” cattery (breeder Daniela Pellaud). Date of birth – 30.01.2013. Color – blue smoke, MCO as.
She is a wonderful girl with a little cunning, a very responsible and decent mother. If Isedora is naughty, it does so cute that it’s simply impossible to be angry with her.

Champion Glaphira Forest Brothers

Glaphira is an elegant kitty with a strong chin and no less strong character, very smart and savvy. Born in our nursery 21.05.2014 in our cattery. The color is blue, MCO a, but she gives silver to her kittens. She takes care of kittens touchingly, strives to help other cats raise children.
Father – GICH Pillowtalk’s Joker, MCO a(s),
Mother – CH Isedora de Broceliande (MCO as).

International Champion Kassandria Forest Brothers

Kassandria is a very spectacular large cat of black tortoise color. Born in our cattery 20.06.2015. The parents are both World Champions:
Father – World Champion Oliver Amazing Soul (MCO n23),
Mother – World Champion Christoma’s Matissa (MCO f).
Kassandria is very similar to Mom and, like Matissa, is an exceptionally decent and conscientious Mommy.

International Champion Henrietta Forest Brothers

Henrietta was born in our cattery 8.11.2018. Color – blue cream tortie smoke, MCO gs.
Father – GICH Leon Forest Brothers (MCO as).
Mother – GICH Simona Forest Brothers (MCO d).
Henrietta is a charming big cat with an unusual color, a chic tail and beautiful silver. She distributes magnificent tails to her children.

International Champion Melody Bast Tractor

Melody came to us from the Nizhny Novgorod cattery “Bast Tractor.”
Date of birth – 27.01.2021, color – black silver mackerel tabby tortie (MCO fs 23).
The girl is perfectly folded, large, heavy, on high legs. Very elegant young lady with great silver.

International Champion Ultra Girl Forest Brothers

Ultra was born in our cattery 05.07.2021. Color – black silver ticked tabby tortie, MCO fs 25.
Father – CH Forest Yeti Ilyas Ice (MCO ns 25),
Mother – ICH Henrietta Forest Brothers (MCO gs).
Ultra is a gentle flirty girl with beautiful eyes. She has a lovely silver fur coat. The cat is affectionate and playful, she loves talking to her very much.