Оливер Мэйнкун

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Our cattery is engaged in breeding cats only of one breed: MAINE COON. For all the time of existence of the cattery (16 years) more than 150 kittens were born. Our graduates live in the different cities of Russia (Saint Petersburg, Moscow and the Moscow region, Veliky Novgorod, Pskov, Petrozavodsk, Saratov, Novosibirsk, on Sakhalin, in Krasnodar. Abroad – in Finland, Latvia, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain.

Our cats came to us from several famous catteries: “Amazing Soul” (St. Petersburg) – the American line of breeding, “Christoma’s Maine Coons” (Austria), “Relaxing Tigers” (Germany), Langstteich (Germany), Pillowtalk (Germany), BarabbasCoon (Italy), Broceliande (Switzerland) – the European lines of breeding.

In our opinion, “Maine Coon” is a race of extremely nice cats: clever, kind, tender, large, and strong. These cats came to us from North America, to be exact, from the state of Maine, U.S. It is impossible not to love them, because they are very interesting, unusual and so sweet.

These huge cats with their wild grace and beauty are really a bit similar to raccoons, especially when they are drinking water swallowing it like wild animals and shuffling paws, as though they are drinking from a forest lake. Maine Coons are even more similar to mini-tigers, panthers, or lynxes.

Similarity of Maine Coons and lynxes is obvious due to their extremely large sharp ears with beautiful shaggy tips on the ends and large soft paws.

Maine Coons (the so-called “Coonies”) are independent and extraordinarily brave, but, nevertheless, playful and friendly. They easily interact with other animals, including dogs. For example, our cat Oliver is the best friend of the huge dog named Buran. Coonies have a specific gentle voice. Rather than saying just an ordinary “meow”, they will produce something more substantial and meaningful instead. However, they are usually pretty silent.


Coonies are quit proud of themselfs, being majestic, easy-going, and very tidy. Even a 1-month aged Maine Coon kitten, that just rose on its feet, would never make a puddle, but would use the toilet. We observed how little kittens formed a line to their toilet, and nobody soiled the floor.

Coonies are self-sufficient, but they are also very good partners and friends. They love children and are patient with them. A Maine Coon cat is always ready to help with any housework. Our “Forest Brothers” Maine Coon Cattery is specialized in breeding extremely large Maine Coons with mainly natural colors: black (MCO n) and black mackerel tabby (MCO n 23).

Our super cat World Champion (WCF) Oliver Amazing Soul is a young and very large black mackerel tabby Maine Coon. He weighs 11 – 12 kg depending on the season and his current appetite ..o))

“Forest Brothers” is a new Cattery. Our first litter (two boys and two girls) was in October of 2009, and it was GREAT !!! At the age of 3 months they received the “BEST LITTER” title at the International Cat Show that took place in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in January, 2010 ..o))

kids2Their father is Oliver Amazing Soul, World Champion; their mother – Vendetta Domino, International Champion. Please take a look at the kittens in the “Litter A” tab.

At this time we have the newcomers – Matissa and Paloma, two young beauties from Vienna, Austria. They came to us from a well-known Austrian “Christoma Maine Coon” Cattery in November, 2010. Both of them are extraordinary and charming, with perfect profile, wide nose and super long lynx-tips.